Friday, May 2, 2014

May Goals

My goals for May include:

1. Finish the Giraffe Crossing Tumbler for my friend who is due to have a baby this month.

The quilt is pieced, however, I want to applique two giraffes to the front.  Then it needs to be sandwiched, quilted, and bound.

2.   Finish Goldie's Fading Charms Memory quilt.

This quilt is pieced, but it stills needs to be sandwiched, quilted, and bound.

3. Finish June baby boy quilt - this needs to be completed from start to finish.

May is a busy month (end of the school year, I'm taking a class online, and Goldie's graduation party at the end of the month).  However, I am hopeful I will be reporting all three finishes at the end of this month.  Wish me luck!

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  1. love both quilt tops, can't wait to see the giraffe one finished. I want to do something similar in the future.

  2. The tumbler is going to look so sweet with giraffes on it. They're such a fun interesting shaped animal anyways.

    Is fading charmed memory mini charms or full size charms, that's one MEGA quilt if those are full sized charm squares!!!!

  3. Love the giraffe tumbler quilt too cute! Good luck on three finishes!