Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Goals Accomplished

I had three goals I wanted to accomplish in April.

1.  Finish the April baby boy quilt. DONE!

Blogged about here, here, and here.

2. Piece and sandwich the May baby quilt. - NOT DONE
This ended being two baby quilts.  One in case they have a boy and the other in case they have a girl.  The girl quilt is complete. 

Blogged about here and here.

 However, the boy quilt is pieced and waiting for me to applique two giraffes to it.  I am kind of hung up on it because I haven't appliqued in over fifteen years.  

Blogged about here and here.

3. Finish piecing Goldie's Fading Charms quilt. DONE!

Blogged about here and here.

I only completed two of my three goals.  But, I did completely finish two quilts in April.  Even though I didn't reach all of my goals, that is something to be proud of!

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  1. Your quilts are so beautiful and congrats for the completed goals! (I have to work more on my goals.) :)