Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Goals

I have several goals for June.  However, I also have a lot of spare time.  I teach preschool and school is out!!!!  I also take online classes and the one I am currently taking only has two weeks left and I get the rest of the month off before starting the next one. That leaves a lot of hours to sew...

1. Finish my Monster Polka baby quilt - this is an easy finish, just a little bit of hand stitching to secure the binding and it will be done.

2.  Finish my Giraffe Crossing Tumbler - the giraffe appliques need to be blanket-stitched.  Then it needs to be sandwiched, quilted, and bound.

3.  Finish my Quilty Fun Sew Along sampler - the blocks for the top need sewn together.  The label block for the back needs to be made and it needs to be quilted and bound.

4.  Finish my Star Surround quilt - it is for my bedroom. It needs the bottom row sewn to the top and to be quilted and bound.

5. Make bedroom valances - I have the pattern and the fabric and would really like to get these done.

6.  Finish the Snug as a Bug Super-sized Nine Patch #3 - it needs to be quilted and bound.
Snug as a Bug Super-sized Nine Patch Quilts #1 and #2

I have set some lofty goals, but I really want to get all of these finished during the month of June.  Off I go to get started ...

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