Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 Finish Along Quarter 2 Goals

In an effort to motivate myself to sew more (because it makes me so happy), I have decided to post some Quarter 2 goals for the 2014 Finish Along at The Littlest Thistle.  

Here goes!

1. April Baby Boy Quilt - it needs to be quilted and bound.

2. May Baby Quilt - I have cut it out and started piecing it.  It won't take that long to put together, I just have to do it!

3.  Goldie's Fading Charms Memory Quilt - it is for my daughter's high school graduation.  I am making it from the fabric of all the clothes I sewed for her over the years.  It is currently in the piecing stage.

4.  June Baby Boy quilt - I have chosen the fabric and the pattern.

5.  Quilty Fun Sew Along sampler - the blocks for the top need sewn together.  The label block for the back needs to be made and it needs to be quilted and bound.

6.  Star Surround quilt - it is for my bedroom. It needs the bottom row sewn to the top and to be quilted and bound.

7. Bedroom valances - I have the pattern and the fabric and would really like to get these done.

8.  Snug as a Bug Super-sized Nine Patch #3 - it needs to be quilted and bound.
Snug as a Bug Super-sized Nine Patch Quilts #1 and #2

That should do it. It seems like a lot, but I am done teaching on May 23.  That leaves the entire month of June free.  If I finish all of these I will only have two UFOs left.  I guess I'll just have to start some more. 

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  1. Yep! Starting more will be awesome if they are as great as these! Whew, impressed!

  2. Great goals. Totally do-able. Best of luck. :)

  3. Great list. Good luck finishing!